This was my first complete scene that I created in blender(and 3D in general). I modeled the semi truck and trailer in about a month:
Closeup of the truck. Before the final color was decided.

Then I decided to create the rest of the scene, that took me about a week (funny how that goes some times). For the cliff I started with a cube and sculpted with dynamic topology. Then I added the rock texture. I made one tree in arbaro and instanced it with a particle system to create the forest. For the road I used a repeating asphalt texture with some procedural cracks added on top. The lake was my favorite part. I used a scaled cube with a surface water material which had a procedural bump map for the ripples, a volume scatter material to add some variation to the water and a ground material so the water had something to refract.  Finally I had to model the remaining details like the guard rail and the chain-link fence.

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